Nontoxic Bedbugs Control New York City

Bed Bugs are Back with a Vengeance...

Bedbugs: they haven't been a big issue from WW II until very recently, when most major cities around the world report sudden increases in bedbug infestations.  New York City is not an exception.  The bedbug problem in NYC has become an epidemic. These little vampires can be found everywhere - in hotels, movie theaters, official buildings, schools, hospitals, train stations, taxi cabs, you name it.  Prior to their re-emergence in 90s they were treated with DDT (true poison for bugs and people), which became illegal in the seventies. Since then, these bloodsuckers have usually been exterminated with all sorts of still-legal pesticides, the negative health effects of which are just being discovered.  Cornell University and other well known scientific institutions have already reported on the negative health effects of Permethrin, the most popular ingredient in Bedbug control products.  Growing resistance to these pesticides and evidence of the  toxicity of conventional bed bug products has led us to creating, or rather re-discovering, Nontoxic bedbug control methods  that are safe for yours and your loved one's health, harmless for pets and ecologically clean. They really work because bedbugs are unable to develop a resistance to heat.

Instead of using toxic pesticides, we utilize heat treatment in conjunction with natural products that are deadly to bedbugs and safe to all other living begins.      

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Many environmental and health groups in New York are concerned about excessive use of pesticide and call for action.  We consider our work to be our contribution to this collective safe pest management effort.


Download FREE copy of Harvard University publication on Bed Bugs Control

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